Ordinarily I wouldn't post about makeup on Blogtown (we have MOD for that), but with the sun fading and the holiday season on its way, this is important news for your soon to be party-haggard visage. You may have noticed that a giant Sephora store has opened in the heart of downtown Portland of late, and while that's one Satan's playground that is hard to resist (there was a time in my life when I could make bonfires in my backyard out of Sephora shipping boxes), obviously local institutions like Blush should not be neglected in the wake of its arrival. Likewise, the down-low Event Cosmetics may be harder to get your hands on (their studio in the Bridal Loft on MLK is by appointment only-ish, and while you can pick up the goods at Fáda Salon, rep are only available to help you determine the correct shade at certain times), but it's well worth ignoring the corporate jingle bells and going the extra mile for their eye concealer alone. Especially now, when they're running a big long sale, on now through the end of November, with a whopping 25% off. I'm going to stock up, and I suggest you do the same.

Unless your dark, sleepy eyes are this cute.
  • Unless your dark, sleepy eyes are this cute.