So this guy goes to see a local rock show... and wait. Are you telling me he was moderately underwhelmed by the bands??

Do you love what you do, or is it just moderately more interesting than wanking at home? I'm not asking for much. I don't need to see shining figure-skater smiles or anything. It's just that, if you want to connect with the crowd, you should show them that you believe in what you do.

Band #1: If you're really that chill live, let us know. We'll bring a book and let you fade into the background.

Band #2; You rocked some tasty grooves, made me wanna shake it, but I held back cuz you were all a bunch of wooden Vulcans. I think I saw your keyboardist smile a coupla times, but she may have just been breaking wind. Give a little passion, and we'll pay you back. If you're gonna kick it like that, let us see you feeling it!

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