The War on Drugs

Another week, another Mercury music section to ignore as you eagerly click on the video of Axl Rose falling down during a show, then discovering it's not particularly funny or anything, and realizing you are a terrible, shallow, dickish person for wanting to laugh at a frail old man's pain.

As satisfying as a good cheesesteak, Philadelphia's the War on Drugs make rock that's smothered with atmosphere. And by atmosphere we mean onions, peppers, and gooey cheese—there's no phony Cheez Wizz on their excellent new Slave Ambient record.

The War on Drugs - "Baby Missiles"

The Felice Brothers named their last album Celebration, Florida after a planned community near Disney World, after rejecting the titles Tomorrowland and Epcot World Showcase: Morocco!
The Felice Brothers "Ponzi" by fatpossum

Like an Ewok jubilee, Portland's Fruit Bats sound great in the woods. Luckily, they sound great out of the woods as well. Yub nub!

Fruit Bats - "Tony the Tripper"

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