This gives me hope for my future retirement: 80s rap superstar (who later went famously bankrupt) MC Hammer is developing his own... wait for it... SEARCH ENGINE. Called "WireDoo," the search engine is designed to out-perform Google and Bing by offering a new "deeper level" of searching. Here's the description he gave to O'Reilly Media via the LA Times. And because I can't resist:

"The engine crawls and the algorithm is designed in a way to get all of the related information to your query and then package it consistently in one environment," Hammer said. "Kind of thinking, right? The way you would think. If it's a car ... it's not just about the word 'car,' but it's about insurance, it's about the specs, it's about mileage, it's about style, it's about all these things. So that's the way it works."

He goes on to explain that if you were to type a zip code into WireDoo, you'd discover everything about that zip—such as the educational level of the residents, or other public information about the area. Needless to say, and for obvious reasons, Google is not worried. However, I was surprised to learn Hammer (sorry, but I refuse to call him by his real name Stanley Kirk Burrell) is no newbie to the tech world, having co-founded DanceJam—a social networking site for fans of dance videos. If you want to learn more about Hammer's new project check out the full video interview here. Otherwise...