I listen to tons of podcasts, but I've never really gotten a handle on Nerdist. That said, the episode with Tom Wilson (AKA "Biff" from "Back to the Future") is fucking brilliant. Wilson's stories of that canonical film are enlightened. He ventures into other territory including his days as a comic in L.A., working the door where Richard Prior played every night and he had a run-in with Sam Kinison—real Golden Age of comedy type shit.

Above all, thought, the unceasing ways that Back to the Future continues to follow Wilson is astounding. It's so regular he carries a stack of answers to his most frequently asked questions (See the image above).

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So yeah, it's a damn fine episode. Take a listen here.

And if you're into the rest of Nerdist's many podcast works, as I'm sure some of you geeks are—Alison, Erik, Gold Star Comment of the Week Winners, I'm looking in your direction—the gang will be in town Saturday recording a live episode at the Aladdin Theater. Get Tickets.

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