Now that the fervid screaming of Playoffs has quieted down and we're in the peaceful lull before Championships in November, it's time to have a fun and friendly little scrimmage, or how about three?

The junior derby gals of the Rose City Rollers' Rosebuds pit their four teams against each other (Little Red Riveters vs. the Undead Avengers, Death Scar Derby Dolls vs. Rainbow Bites) to bout it out in two half-hour games. Then it's the peanut-butter-meets-chocolate match-up of a co-ed game, mixing your favorite Rose City Rollers gals with the men in black of the Portland Men's Roller Derby. This is going to be a fun hour-long exhibition battle. I've never seen merby and werby together, so it'll be a kick to see how that bout jams out.

Watch the skates fly on Saturday.
The Hangar at Oaks Park
6 pm, $14-20, tickets here