Severing Ties: President Obama announced that all US troops will be out of Iraq by the year's end, wrapping up the 8-year-long war.

See Ya: Michele Bachmann's entire New Hampshire campaign staff quits.

Appalling Apathy: Debate sparks over the death of a 2-year-old Chinese girl who was ignored by passersby when fatally hit by a car.

Who's on First?:The 80-year-old prince and heir to the Saudi Arabian throne dies, leaving the county unsure what to do next.

I'll Drink to That: Tea Partiers speak out against Occupy Wall Street, affirming that they have nothing in common with each other.

Meanwhile, in Eugene: Rumor has it that Occupy Eugene is growing and becoming increasingly organized with help from legislative support

Duck!: Another large satellite plummets towards earth, marking it the second object to randomly crash into the planet in two months.

Migration, Round Two: Russian officials seriously look into a light rail tunnel connecting Russian to Alaska.

Seattle Strikes Back: I'm glad I wasn't the only one disturbed by these billboards: