Police arrested two people at Occupy Portland this weekend—not for anything Occupy related, but for alleged drug crimes. Here's the press release from the cops:

On Saturday, October 22, 2011 Central Precinct afternoon shift officers who were detailed to "Occupy Portland" made 2 arrests of known subjects for warrants. The first arrest was for a drug related Parole Violation warrant. Officers recognized 28-year-old William Duke from previous police contacts. He was sitting on a bench in the park. He was arrested without incident.
Later in the evening officers also arrested 34-year-old Tara Akridge, after recognizing her from previous contacts. She was found to have a Parole Violation related to a Possession of a Controlled Substance, Methamphetamine. Akridge identified herself to the police as the "Resource Director" for "Occupy Portland" and said she is currently living in the camp.

When the officers returned from their walking beat in the camp they discovered that the side view mirror of their patrol car had been broken off as it was parked on Southwest Main Street between 2nd Avenue and 3rd. There are no suspects at this time.