Because she felt so strongly about Occupy Wall Street, Florida woman Stacy Hessler left her family in Florida to go to the protests in New York. Fox News calls Hessler worse than the rest of the "filth" at Occupy Wall Street and notes that she's "clearly having a midlife crisis of some sort," while suggesting that she's having an extramarital affair with a waiter at the protests and intimating that she's protesting the banks because her husband is a banker and they have some underlying marital problems that she's dealing with. This video will make you feel ill:

Wonkette, which introduced me to this story, also links to the Village Voice, which lists some of the adjectives the New York Post uses to describe Hessler, including "Hippie homemaker," "self-obsessed college sophomore," and "Middle-aged flower child." The bright side of this depressing story is this: It proves that the right-wing media is still running scared from the Occupy movement, and they're resorting to slimy character assassination of ordinary Americans to further their narrative.