TOMMY SR.—Rock legend and lead singer for the Who, Roger Daltrey, visits Portland to sing the songs of his band's most famous work, the rock opera Tommy. Will the jaunty 67-year-old be swinging his mic stand around with reckless abandon, or scooting around on a Rascal croaking "Pinball Wizard"? Let's assume the former. WSH
Rose Garden, 100 Winning Way, 7:30 pm, $40.50-$100, all ages

A MATTER OF GRAY—Zombie novels come with a fair amount of brains, but they're mostly for eatin'. Colson Whitehead's newest novel Zone One promises more than just brain tapas with a smarty take on the living-dead genre. As an endemic plague retreats, the uninfected are trying to retake Manhattan from the infected zombies' cold, dead hands. CF
Powell's City of Books, 1005 W Burnside, 7:30 pm FREE