A word of warning:

Social protest is fun and exciting, but it packs a powerful counterpunch. Check your history books. All the Vietnam tumult—huge marches, the riots in 1968, Kent State, all of it, do you know what it really accomplished? It made Richard Nixon president. Twice.

Neil thinks the occupies should make realistic, achievable demands: scrapping the dollar bill, for instance, or exposing the GOP's efforts to disenfranchise voters:

In more than two dozen states this past year, Republican-dominated state legislatures have restricted the right to vote, tightening ID requirements, limiting absentee ballots, all in a calculated effort to suppress Democratic votes in 2012. This isn’t vague Internet conspiracy theory—it actually happened, a real conspiracy almost unnoticed. Instead of thundering generally against banks, why can’t Occupy thunder against that? Then get busy educating voters while there’s still time for them to register and get on the rolls.

I support thundering generally against banks, but it would be great if the GOP's coordinated efforts to steal the 2012 election were getting more attention. Neil's entire column is worth reading.