Ahoy! For the second year running Haunt (design home of Holly Stalder, Laura Irwin's Precious Knit, and Rachael Donaldson's Demimonde jewelry) are hosting a sample sale featuring a goldmine of local talent: Adam Arnold, Boet, Church + State, Claire la Faye, Demimonde, Emily Ryan, Emily Katz, Frocky Jack Morgan, Laura Irwin, Linea, Liza Rietz, Makool, Pigeon Toe Ceramics, Pinkham Millinery, Holly Stalder, and Kate Towers.

One of Boets many beauties.
  • One of Boet's many beauties.

The sale will run through the first weekend in November, but hit up the opening reception on Friday, November 4 for first dibs on the goods and for champagne. Speaking of which, MOD's coverage of ongoing retail events is like a virtual map to complimentary refreshments.