Well, okay... I still say that American Horror Story gives you more bang for your creepy TV show buck, but last night's The Walking Dead was a VAST improvement after last week's anemic season premiere. Wanna chitty-chat about it? YES, YOU DO! Hit the jump for some my spoilerific thoughts, or go straight to the comments and dive in!

Why, I think your little piglets gonna be just fine... wait. Did I say piglet? I meant boy.
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  • "Why, I think your little piglet's gonna be just fine... wait. Did I say 'piglet'? I meant 'boy.'"

Here's what I learned from last night's episode of The Walking Dead.

1) The zombie scenes are much more realistic when you leave your compost pail open.

2) The racist character is still the best character, and I hate you The Walking Dead for making me publicly say that.

3) When a doctor tells you he's actually a "vet," don't assume he means he's a doctor for veterans unless you're stupid.

4) It's okay to be disappointed after learning the man who's going to perform a difficult surgery on your son is actually a veterinarian. ESPECIALLY WHEN HE DIDN'T SAY UP FRONT HE WAS A FUCKING VETERINARIAN!!!

5) The mark of a great actor is when you can't be mad at the character even after he shoots a little boy. (Unless you didn't like the little boy in the first place... and come to think of it, I kinda didn't.)

6) My new favorite character to hate is Grandpa Black Eyebrows. He's dumb.

7) Five bucks says the horse-riding hot daughter of the Vet (who decapitated the zombie with a baseball bat) is going to be boning Glenn within three episodes. (Glenn is the Asian guy, racist.)

8) Who's more stupid: Zombies who are universally distracted by flares, or Shane, who came up with the idea to throw the flares, but then came busting out of the Medivac trailer without taking a peek first?

9) Anyway, after last night's episode, I now I give a shit about this show again. I still don't forgive them for that half-ass lackluster premiere, though!! WTF was up with that? Didn't they know the impatient, way-too-quick-to-judge internet was watching?

10) Your turn!

I dont care about historeeeee (Rock! Rock! Rock n roll High School!) Cuz thats not where I wanna beeeeee!
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  • "I don't care about historeeeee (Rock! Rock! Rock 'n' roll High School!) Cuz that's not where I wanna beeeeee!"