Earlier we posted that Occupy Portland might be looking to expand to Jamison Square. Now, the Mercury has learned, occupiers will be voting soon on another proposal: To vacate Chapman and Lownsdale squares altogether, as soon as November 5.


A larger version is here. The Mercury obtained a copy of the flier, purportedly put forth by the camp's peacekeeping team, through its regular request of Mayor Sam Adams' Occupy-related emails.

Update 4:45 PM: Reid Parham, a volunteer at Occupy Portland, tells me the design and presentation of the flier is "a little suspect, but that the sentiments are "legitimate" and sound like they came from an insider.

"It sounds like a well-packaged proposal nonetheless," says Parham, indicating he would "support the defense of it."

Update 4:48 PM: Another occupier offers this: "Anyone is free to bring proposals like this to the GA. However, someone making a fancy flier for their proposal should not mean it's more or less likely to happen. Given the amount of effort put into the space, it's unlikely to happen that quickly, but I'm sure many different opinions on moving will be heard."

The flier was sent to Adams' office by police spokesman Lieutenant Robert King, joking that he deserves the credit, apparently for his missive earlier today on the poop situation.