If you read Michael Russell's cocktail-cart piece in the Oregonian, or the speculation right here on Blogtown, and believed they meant that the OLCC had pulled the swizzle stick out of its collective ass loosened up its regulations, or that the Oregon Bartender's Guild's setup down at 12th and Hawthorne was anything like permanent, the OLCC wants to assure you that you are wrong.

Yesterday, the OLCC's blog, TemperanceTown!, cleared things up:

Recent media attention has raised questions by many about a booth operated by the Oregon Bartenders’ Guild that is selling hard liquor. Hopefully we can clear up some of the confusion as to how allowing this booth to temporarily sell alcohol is different than issuing an annual license to a food cart.

The article goes on to detail how a Temporary Service License is different than annual license, but does note that the organization is in "discussion of what legal options are available in regard to issuing annual licenses to food carts." So: fingers crossed.

In other food cart news, NE's Green Castle Food Cart Pod, as of October 31st, will be no more. Food Carts Portland is reporting that the owners of the lot were unable to "work out specific issues with the city to allow food vending on the lot." PFC also reports that VIking Soul Food and a new sushi cart will move up to Good Food Here on Belmont, following in the footsteps of Green Castle's tastiest alumni, Cackalacks. Gaufret Gourmet will head downtown to SW Alder.