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Over at the AV Club, Spaced/Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz/Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright (above, left) has compiled "a 24-hour horror-film marathon that readers can re-create at home." Not only does it contain the very, very true phrase "Anger-babies. I think we’d all like them to secretly do our bidding," but it also has recommendations like this one, for 1976's Who Can Kill a Child?:

It’s basically about this British couple on holiday in Spain who get a boat over to this smaller, rustic island and can find no adults anywhere on the island. It’s kind of like The Birds, only with young kids, where there’s little or no explanation for what’s going on, other than anyone under 10 is deeply evil and murderous. It’s an amazingly intense movie. What’s great about it is it’s all shot on location and all with natural light, so it hasn’t really dated. In fact, the cinematography is by [Pedro] Almodóvar’s regular DP, José Luis Alcaine. It’s 1976, but aside from some flared trousers in places, it feels very contemporary.... Really, really good. And it also doesn’t pussy out on the title. It builds up to that title. It asks that question, and it answers that question.

The whole thing's worth a read, and will likely inspire some immediate change-ups in your Netflix queue.