#OccupyOaklandJails: A surprise raid with 200 police in riot squad gear clears out Occupy Oakland. The police also "ripped up dozens of cardboard signs and overturned a couch."

Turkey Trapped: Rescuers are still racing to free survivors trapped in the rubble of Turkey's weekend earthquake.

An Undisclosed Location: Gaddafi and son are buried in a secret grave.

How's that Drug War Going? Mexico's brutal drug war has led to 40,000 deaths, but no worries because now the US is infiltrating cartels.

Qwickstock: Netflix stock drops 34 percent. Ouch.

Ugh. Syria is reportedly using state hospitals as jails and torture chambers.

Where My Poors At? Increasingly, in the suburbs.

Your Turn: Federal panel recommends the HPV vaccine to prevent cancer in boys.

Priorities, People: Seattle car drivers are responsible for 75 percent of traffic crashes, yet police increasingly ticket pedestrians.

Weird Herman Cain Ad. Two strange things about this ad: 1) Cigarette?! 2) What the hell is that song?