UPDATE 1:09 PM—The Tribune story has just been corrected; Jefferson Smith says the report mischaracterized his stance toward the protest. The headline now reads: "Mayor candidates split on Occupy Portland Correction: Smith says caamp might not need to end" (oh, hasty updating!). Instead of enforcing an arbitrary deadline, Smith "is willing to see the camp remain, provided occupants comply with 'benchmarks' set by the city, such as committing no crimes that are not related to the protest, such as acts of civil disobedience." This is much less surprising news than just Hales and Brady wanting the protest out. Back to the original post:

If Occupy Portland were happening in 2013 instead of right now, the protest would get a much different reception from the city—in a Portland Tribune article, all three of the main contenders to replace Mayor Sam Adams say the city should give Occupy a deadline to move out.

Charlie Hales says the city should give the camp two or three days to get out of the park before swooping in with police and making arrests. (cut to: Oakland)

Eileen Brady and Jefferson Smith say the city should work with the protesters to agree on a move out deadline. Hopefully they're up for attending several nights of four hour meetings—you think Occupy is going to agree on an end date when the group couldn't even agree on clearing Main Street?

“Civil disobedience means you break the law to make a point. The protesters have broken the city’s anti-camping ordinance to make their point. People have heard them. Now’s the time to move on,” says Brady.

“Now’s the time to look for a win-win. The city should work with the protesters to help them find another vehicle for their message,” says Smith.

I'm surprised that none of the candidates Brady and Hales are not on the side of Occupy with this. Telling the camp they should move is the middle-of-the-road response that will look good to business—but it's strange that with all their progressive talk, none of the candidates want to side with the Occupiers and rally their support. What's the deal here? WHAT'S THE DEAL? Poll time.

Update 10/26: If you guys are interested, 19-year-old mayoral candidate Max Brumm thinks the Occupiers should stay: "The should definitely stay, and the police should not interfere. I think the biggest complainers don't even live inside the city of Portland... The OccupyPdx people have been conducting civil disobedience during this whole process. The only reason to send the police in at all would be when outside instigators start violence."