Perhaps in response to this post, a Ohio University group, Students Teaching Against Racism, launched a Halloween anti-racism campaign this week.

  • Students Teaching Against Racism

These posters have spread like wildfire across the interwebs. And it looks like STAR wasn't predicting such a spotlight. STAR released a statement on its president's Tumblr account:

We are so proud of all the support but it’s overwhelming; We have less than 10 members in our group. lol We ask that you do not personally email any of the execs or message their personal tumblrs. Thank you guys so much for the love! The purpose was to educate and create dialogue and it did :) We have a meeting with a lawyer on Monday so we can protect our posters and the posters will be all over Ohio University’s campus this week! Again, thanks for the support and have a happy Halloween!
Students Teaching About Racism in Society (STARS) at Ohio University Executive board

Hey-o for the small anti-racism student groups making it big! Hopefully these images will make a dent in the trashy racist costumes that pollute college campuses and boozy fiestas.