There's another hot-shit show tonight which we didn't mention, and that's the jam-packed, super-stuffed lineup of the Check Yo Ponytail tour, which hits Branx tonight and will probably leave a mark. Spank Rock are the big-name headliners, but Big Freedia is also in there, plus the Death Set, Pictureplane, Franki Chan, and stuff to look at from Demonbabies. We didn't write about this show, and that is because we are stupid and untrustworthy.

Check Yo Ponytail started as a party in LA that embraced all genres and forms, as long as it was fun. Tonight's bill totally reflects that—as organizer Chan recently told the San Francisco Guardian:

"There's a linear feeling in these bands' outlook that is expressed in their energy and how they perform," he says. "We want it to feel like a very family style show and we invite all the performers to join each other onstage. We hope audiences will come and want to be there from the start to the finish. It's run like a show, but it feels more like a party."

As of now, tix will still be available at the door. On a bittersweet note, it'll be the final show for longtime Rotture booker Conrad Loebl, who's always brought a mindbogglingly diverse array of music through the club's doors. If you see him tonight, give him a big one. We'll miss him, but he'll no doubt go on to continue doing amazing things.

Branx, 320 SE 2nd, TONIGHT, 8 pm, $15 advance, $20 doors, all ages