What do anti-war recruiters have on tanks?
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  • What do anti-war recruiters have on tanks?

The Portland School Board voted unanimously Monday to allow "counter recruiters" as much freedom and attention on school campuses than military recruiters. With this nod of approval, board members said that they expect peace-promoting and anti-war fliers, posters and groups to pop up around local high schools. Reports the Oregonian:

"There is nothing in this resolution that says there is a condemnation of military service," said board vice chairman Martin Gonzalez, a primary driver behind the new rule. "There is a desire on our part for our students to become more educated in the choices that they are making."

This movement comes just under a year since Portland Schools signed a two-year deal with the Department of Defense to teach forth and fifth grade science — an idea which many argued was disguised military recruitment. While this provides a more level playing field for both sides, I'm sure parents will still rally against the not-so-camouflaged military presence.