After the police bureau issued their Occupy Portland "public safety update" yesterday (peppered with unverified reports of violence, poop buckets, and raw sewage flowing down the street), local news outlets naturally swarmed all over it. Local FOX affiliate KPTV regurgitated the police bureau's claims, but actually included a lot of quotes from the occupiers. KATU unsurprisingly reprinted the entire report without questioning a single item. Ditto for the Oregonian. Ditto for KOIN Local 6 (who, in their defense, have successfully completed a month of broadcasts without a single top story about a dog running down the freeway). And KGW presented the most balanced report, actually questioning the veracity of some of the police bureau's claims.

BUT WHO CARES ABOUT THAT, RIGHT? LET'S READ SOME NUTBAG COMMENTS FROM THOSE STORIES! (P.S. Way to feed the misinformed public hysteria, guys.)

From Fox:



From KOIN Local 6:


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From the O:



From KATU:



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