I love NPR's Steve Inskeep. He's at the downtown Powell's reading from his new book Instant City: Life and Death in Karachi, which asks residents of Karachi, Pakistan, about their city's massive population growth over the past half century.

You can read our review here. Inskeep is reading tonight at Powell's City of Books, 1005 W Burnside, 7:30 pm.

Also tonight, cognitive scientist Steven Pinker reading from his book The Better Angels of Our Nature , which "mixes human psychology and history to argue that mankind is less violent now than we have ever been." That's tonight at 7 pm, $9.99.

And finally! Things From Another World hosts the original creative team behind Star Wars: Crimson Empire in celebration of the release of Star Wars: Crimson Empire III-Empire Lost #1. In attendance: snacks, drinks, Dark Horse President Mike Richardson, artist Paul Gulacy, and editor Randy Stradley. That's at TFAW from 7-10 pm.