You can't write about Portland comedy without using the words "Ian Karmel" (it is quite possible that he does, in fact, control the media). Karmel seemingly works all the time and he's behind a few of the better local standup showcases. Tonight's installment of his show Funny Over Everything features Karmel as well as local favorite Ron Funches and San Francisco comic Moshe Kasher, and I really can't recommend it enough. I saw Kasher a few times at the Bridgetown Comedy Fest last spring and was super impressed; his comedy is focused, aggressive, and ridiculously smart. And if you haven't seen Funches and Karmel by now, you have no idea what is going on in your city and should probably get on that.

That's at the Hollywood Theatre, tonight at 9:30 pm, $10. (Tonight would be a good night to just camp out at the Hollywood: The Susan Orlean/Rin Tin Tin screening and Q&A I wrote about a few days ago is at 7 pm—my review of Orleans' new book is here.)

Also tonight, and continuing through Saturday, Hannibal Burress at Helium. I caught this show last night, based on enjoying Burress' performance at Bridgetown. It was a little rough—it was a Wednesday, the club wasn't full, there was a stoic wall of nonlaughers in the front row. I kinda wish I'd gone on a Friday or Saturday: Burress is incredibly likeable and a clever writer (he wrote for SNL and 30 Rock) and the shows I saw at Bridgetown had much better energy than last night's. Oh, and for a really superficial, unenlightening interview with Burress, check out possibly the all-time worst episode of Marc Maron's WTF podcast. (That being said—the Norm Macdonald episode from last week? Holy shit! Can't wait for his Portland shows next weekend.)