Gay Troops Sue DOMA: Now that they can be out and proud, a lesbian military couple is suing the federal government to win gay marriage.

It's Not All Bad: The US economy improved slightly.

Media Crackdown: After years of liberalization, China is shutting down blogs and entertainment.

Gaddafi's Killers Face Trial: Libya's leaders say they'll put on trial the rebels who killed Gaddafi.

#OccupyChurch: A London Reverend resigns from his job at Saint Paul's cathedral rather than evicting Occupy protesters.

Oakland Veteran Still in Hospital: The war veteran struck in the head by a police projectile at Occupy Oakland is still in the hospital. Meanwhile, cities nationwide crack down on the protests.

Drumroll Please: Amy Winehouse died from... alcohol poisoning.

Buy Some Cookies: The Girl Scouts of Colorado specifically welcome transgender youth to join up.

Crow Patrol: One town in Indiana has taken to shooting fireworks at all their crows.

Paging Steve Novick: A British man has a smartphone built into his arm.