Mr. Gnome
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Another week, another Mercury music section to read through tear-brimming eyes as you learn that longtime Northeast music store Daddy's Junky Music has gone out of business. Fare thee well, Daddy. Or Junky. Whatever your nickname was. I'll always remember looking at the crappy Mexican-made guitars that adorned your walls.

• Speaking of gear, Cleveland's Mr. Gnome are swimming in it, using only two people to make a dense, swirling rock noise with goth and surrealistic tinges. Their excellent new record, Madness in Miniature, isn't a concept album, but they coulda fooled me.

Ate the Sun by mrgnome

• Minneapolis' Peter Wolf Crier started off soundtracking a performance piece, but now they've become a real live boy. I mean, band. A real live band... Hey, does anyone else think Geppetto was a little creepy, a lonely old bachelor wanting to build a child out of wood?


Also, more Up and Comings than you can shake a stick at. But we don't blame you for trying, stick-shaker.