Tomorrow night at the Waypost on North Williams, the IPRC will be hosting and evening with essayist, novelist, and all around awesome person Michelle Tea. From the IPRC:

An engaging interview and author's talk with literary luminary Michelle Tea, who
will discuss her work and process as a memoirist, poet and fiction writer.
We will delve into the beginning of her career,
and how her San Francisco open mic events led Michelle to tour the country
as co-founder of the legendary all-girl spoken word roadshow Sister Spit.

Interview conducted by local comic artist and Sister Spitter Nicole J. Georges.

Michelle Tea wrote the novel Rose of No Man's Land. I was first introduced to her with an amazing essay in The Believer about gender politics and the Michigan Womyn's Festival. The festival had banned trans-women from attending, sparking a counter festival right up the road. Michelle attended both and wrote and informed and nuanced examination of the issue. You can read the opening here, but you have to pay for the whole thing.

The event begins at 7:00 p.m. Saturday. The Waypost is located at 3120 N Williams Ave.