You may not remember this, but if you do you're gonna freak the fawk OUT! The banned, supposedly lost Nickelodeon horror movie Cry Baby Lane is scheduled to be rebroadcast—for the first time since it originally aired back in 2000—this Halloween night at 9 pm on Teen Nick. The film was originally banned from Nickelodeon after parents complained that Cry Baby Lane was WAY too scary and disturbing for kids... and ehhhhhhhhh... maybe they were right, cuz it's TOTES CREEPY (in a fun way).

The story revolves around a prankster teen who scares his pals with tales about conjoined twins who were murdered by their farmer dad. Goofing around in the cemetery one night, the teen invokes the spirit of the "good" twin but accidentally raises the "evil" twin instead, who promptly goes around possessing everyone in town. Hair-raising hijinx ensue!

Here's a seminal clip from the banned Cry Baby Lane, and don't forget to set those DVRs to record, because you may never see this film again!

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