HAPPY HALLOWEEN, BLOGTOWN! Oh, yeah, it was like lightning, everybody was frightening! And the music was soothing, and they all started groooooving! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! LET'S GO TO PRESS.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: 27 Occupy Portland protesters were arrested early Sunday morning for refusing to bug out of the Pearl District's Jamison Square. Besides someone being jostled by a horse and someone else having their bicycle crushed, the evening went about as well for both sides as one could expect. If you want to read the blow-by-blow, the best description in town was delivered via our Denis Theriault's Twitter feed. (Unfollow him at one's own risk.)

Portland Police post the pictures of the Occupiers they arrested on FaceBook. Like?

Not to be outdone, 38 protesters were arrested this weekend at Occupy Austin.

In other Occupy news, director/activist Michael Moore is confirmed to visit the Occupy Portland base camp today at 3:30 (Update: Now 4:30 pm). SQUEEEEEEE! CELEBRITY!

Europe's financial collapse hits our shores and is blamed for the bankruptcy of American commodity traders MF Global.

Herman Cain admits he was accused of sexually harassing women while president of the National Restaurant Association, but says those claims are false. Sir, how do you plead to the charges of MENTALLY harassing us?

A sneaky October snowstorm buries five northeast states, leaving 2.4 million without electricity and six deaths in its wake.

Palestine won a seat in UNESCO, the United Nations science, education and culture organization—which means it's a step closer to gaining state recognition from the U.N. security council.

The FBI releases the video they captured of the recently busted up Russian spy ring, which is somewhat less exciting that The Bourne Identity. Just warnin' ya.

Congratulations, world! You just welcomed your 7 billionth customer.

Steve Jobs' last words.

Lindsay Lohan FINALLY got her teeth fixed. And it was a good thing too—her mouth looked like it was filled with brown Chiclets.

After 72 days of wedded bliss, Kim Kardashian is divorcing her newlywed hubby. WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?

Now here's your Halloween "trick or treating" forecast: Slight chance of showers throughout the day and into the evening with a high of 54, and a 100% chance of being carved up by Michael Myers if you're having teen sex.

And finally, Halloween lover Heidi Klum dresses up like an OMSI exhibit. Those krauts are weird.