Whatever, news. I want to talk about Halloween! What were the best costumes and worst costumes you saw this weekend?

What are you hoping little kids will dress up as tonight?

What did you dress up as?

Anything else hilarious?

My answers:
1) Best: A guy wearing a milk carton, "I am the one percent." Worst: I actually didn't see any bad ones at all. People were pretty creative! Though I stayed out of downtown, which probably helped.
2) Jawas! Why don't more kids dress up as Jawas? This is the ultimate kid Halloween costume.
3) Baberaham Lincoln. Did anyone else have a costume made entirely from the discount bin at Mr. Formal?
4) I went to a party at a co-op and someone was dressed as that mushroom guy—complete with trombone! This costume would probably not have made sense anywhere but the co-op.