Herman Cain just described one of the complaints in the sexual harassment suit that were filed against him to Fox News's Greta Van Susteren:

Van Susteren asked what Cain did that led to the accusation. There were reportedly more than one accusations in the complaint, but Cain said he recalled just one incident. "She was in my office one day, and I made a gesture saying — and I was standing close to her — and I made a gesture saying you are the same height as my wife. And I brought my hand up to my chin saying, 'My wife comes up to my chin.'" At that point, Cain gestured with his flattened palm near his chin. "And that was put in there [the complaint] as something that made her uncomfortable," Cain said, "something that was in the sexual harassment charge."

There's more to the suit than just that one incident—two women filed the complaint, according to Politico. And it's interesting to see that Cain's camp has come a long way in just a few hours. Cain went from "no comment" to saying he was unaware of a settlement to singing a gospel song to a detailed description of part of what happened in less than 24 hours. This is not the response of a disciplined campaign.