REANIMATED—Ghosts? Witches? Monsters? Pshaw. The creepiest thing around town this Halloween is Jan Svankmajer's Alice, a Czech stop-motion version of Alice in Wonderland that's so unsettlingly eerie, it'll give you nightmares. Fin de Cinema screens the 1988 film with a live score from Wampire, Litanic Mask, and Bruxa, then you can shake off those terrors with a dance party from the Sick Jaggers DJs. NL
Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, 8:30 pm, $5

—Looking for a real ghost story? Hop on Lone Fir Cemetery's torch-lit Tour of Untimely Departures this evening to hear unusual and eerie tales of the cemetery's residents. Who knows who you'll meet. AZ
Lone Fir Cemetery, SE 26th & Stark, 6-9 pm, $10