As Occupiers planted tents in Terry Schrunk plaza today, legendary muckracker/flip-flop aficionado Michael Moore paid the encampment a visit. A team set up a mic and PA system for him in the middle of a large circle, but Moore initially refused to stand in the middle of the group, wanting to stay on the sidelines "like one of you." TOO BAD, MOORE! That's the only working mic! Into the middle with you.

Moore's brief speech was basically a pep talk for the protesters. Noting that the federal plaza is in the shadow of the Wells Fargo building, Moore asked, "Who organized this protest? Wells Fargo! And Citibank! And BP!" He also got in a few jabs at Homeland Security and praised Occupy Portland's size. "Having traveled the country, you don't know who freakin' awesome this is. Portland! Portland! Portland! It's like the seat of our new democracy right here."


Moore ended by awarding Occupy Portland with the title of largest occupation in the nation, sparking a happy ruckus. In return, occupiers donned him with an Occupy Portland ball cap — they know his style well — and a Cascadia flag. His response: "I love Portland!" Then, swept off into a black SUV. End scene.

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Okay, roll tape!

— additional reporting by Alex Zielinski