As I briefly mentioned last week, News Corp. (Rupert Murdoch's gang of shitheels) went toe-to-toe with DirecTV (my overpriced satellite provider) over carrier fees which DTV claimed were so high they were going to drop all of News Corp. programming—which most importantly included FX which carries It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and the current best show on TV, American Horror Story. Naturally both sides were being big effing tubby crybabies, refusing to budge, and were furiously negotiating all the way up until last night's midnight deadline when DTV would supposedly pull the stations out of their lineup.

And as it turns out? They reached an agreement—and according to Deadline, we all have "Halloween" to thank:

No information on the financials of the deal was released. DirecTV previously claimed that Fox was seeking a 40% hike, something the other side dismissed as ridiculous. According to sources, Fox has landed a healthy double-digit license fee increases in the new deal, which was closed early because all executives involved have small children and had to go do trick-or-treating.

Yet another reason why Halloween is great, and Christians who hate Halloween are stupid. See you Thursday for our weekly "American Horror Story Chitty-Chat Club!"