In Occupy News... In Nashville, a judge stays enforcement of a curfew law used to limit the protest. Closer to home, Portland Police arrest 8-10 people in Terry Schrunk plaza and also a zombie protesting Bank of America.

What About that Giant Pile of Weapons? The UN is concerned about Libya's massive weapons stockpile.

Hold Onto Your Hats Greece's government is near collapse on economic woes.

Al-Qaida Targest Somalis: In drought-stricken country, Al-Qaida is winning over hearts and minds with cash handouts.

US Unfunds UNESCO: Pissed about Palestine's recent inclusion in the international cultural heritage group, the US pulls $60 million in funding.

Can Herman Cain Survive? Will the pizza Godfather be taken down by sexual harassment charges? Probably not.

Rugged Justice: Haiti doesn't have an entirely functioning infrastructure, but it's aiming to try cops for murder.

Juggalo Gang: The FBI officially classified Juggalos as a gang. They are "of concern to law enforcement."

Nooooo! JK Rowling says she once planned to kill off Ron Weasley.

In Phrases You Thought You'd Never Hear: Add Occupy-themed, pro-life jack-o-lantern.


And Today in Bad Ideas: Republican promotional materials featuring Zombie Obama with a gun shot in his head.