The Oregonian was listening in this afternoon as Mayor Sam Adams took to the airwaves with right wing talker Victoria Taft, who reportedly called occupiers "thugs" and "brats," etc.

"It's very generous of you, spending our money. What gives you the right?" Taft asked.

Adams pointed out that police cleared Terry Schrunk Plaza early Tuesday morning of 10 protesters who had expanded the demonstration. He also mentioned cities where police have applied more force to the demonstration, as in Oakland, Calif., last week.

"I think I am taking a balanced approach to this, and it's been reflected in this action today," Adams said.

"I've got to look at the big picture. Oakland is going to be paying a lot of money for taking your approach," he told Taft. "I don't think it's as cut and dried as you make it."

The mayor's right. Lawsuits ain't cheap. It's fortunate that Portland seems, so far, to be minding that lesson.