Following the series of early morning arrests, Occupy Portlanders seem to remain on track with today's agenda. At noon today, Sierra Club plans on rallying in solidarity with the occupation at Chapman Square, with a focus on environmental reform. Writes Sierra Club's Laura Stevens in a press release:

"Corporate polluters are destroying communities, polluting our air, land, and water, and stifling clean energy jobs. Wall Street and big banks are responsible for financing these destructive environmental practices, and they are profiting off of recklessly endangering our health."

The press release goes on to elaborate on the rally itself — where participants will supposedly be wearing medical face masks and toting “Big Coal and Big Oil Make Me Sick” and “No Toxic Mercury” signs. The latter is clearly related to the toxicity of our publication, which is kind of them. Anyway, prepare for an environmental take on Occupy this afternoon, which — you never know — could have a federal audience.