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In response to our Halloween issue's take on Troutdale (see: The Troutdale Trout), we received an email from the mayor of Troutdale this morning. Writes Mayor Jim Kight : "Creative parody on Troutdale, however...If you are interested is hearing 'the rest of the story' please give me a call."


"I got a few calls after your issue came out, asking me to stand up for Troutdale," says Kight. "But I told them 'Lighten up! We gotta laugh at ourselves!'"

Kight clearly took the parody in good humor, but took the opportunity to highlight some of Troutdale's recent successes. Looks like the town has been met with good fortune, especially during tight economic times. "Troutdale has probably the most public projects in any Portland metro area," he says. "And the news just gets better!"

There was a common theme in our interview: Troutdale is the leader in the state in a plethora of categories. Here are just a few:

- Troutdale has the only high school in Oregon that caters to five different cities
- The town's 1-84 bridge reconstruction is the largest of its kind in the state
- Troutdale has the largest brownfield clean-up site in Oregon ("And it cost — are you sitting down?" says Kight. "213 million dollars to clean up!")
- Probably one of the few in the state who are actually building new homes and a police station and supporting new start-up buisnesses
- "Have you seen our arch? I'm sure your readers will be interested in this," he says. Apparently the entry arch is one of the state's best. Exhibit A:

Kight concluded by offering me a private tour of the city. Well played, Troutdale!