While activists and grassroots groups are prepping their signs and Guy Fawkes' masks for a local march in support of National Bank Transfer Day this Saturday, banks and credit unions are happy to cash in on the positive attention. Check out this mailer I got last night from West Coast Bank:


And here's a little tableau of the front pages of Portland credit unions Unitus, OnPoint, and Rivermark (of which I am a member, full disclosure). Sidenote: Isn't it funny how much Unitus's logo looks like Ron Paul's?


I'm sure someone will find a way to be upset that local banks and credit unions are making money off Occupy, but I think it's savvy marketing. The Move Your Money movement has been going on a lot longer than the current protest, it makes sense to go after those potential customers who are just now coming around to the idea.

In Other Occupy News... There's a Veteran's for Peace march starting today at 4:30pm from Terry Schrunk Plaza. Also, the Occupy video team made this pretty slick little film about Monday's zombie protest of Bank of America: