Another Grand Theft Auto was inevitable after GTAIV made literally billions of dollars, and yet somehow this debut trailer for GTAV snuck up on me.

The trailer doesn't offer much in the way of gameplay details — I'm going to guess that 90% of it is culled from in-game cutscenes — but it does highlight the fact that the game, like 2004's GTA: San Andreas, will be set in Rockstar Games' stylized recreation of Los Angeles (and, presumably, the surrounding areas).

Good news? Bad news? Given that the game won't be set in the San Andreas of 1992, this probably means it won't have Dr. Dre and L7 on the radio, but it leaves hope that the game might include a jetpack.

Before you ask, no, there's no release date or, really, anything else known about this game. So far we know that Grand Theft Auto V is a thing, it will be on shelves at some point, and this is its trailer. Draw your conclusions from that.