The O is reporting the results of a new poll taken by the Mayor Sam Adams-hating Portland Business Alliance that shows... surprise! Nearly half the people polled hate Sam Adams! Okay, fine. Forty-nine percent had a "unfavorable impression" of Adams. However, what I thought was interesting were these two paragraphs from the O article:

The results are contained in a poll by Tim Hibbitts, conducted for the Portland Business Alliance, between Sept. 27 and Oct. 3 of 300 likely Portland voters. The margin of error is 5.7 percent.

The poll, obtained by The Oregonian, also shows Portlanders are most concerned about jobs and the economy. Those voters said they would be far more likely to agree with a candidate who prioritizes creating jobs, improving the economy and focusing on core city services than a candidate who pushes for sustainability, bicycle transportation, equal rights, arts and culture.

Now I didn't see the actual poll or the way that clearly slanted question was phrased, but that sounds bullshitty to me. So let's do a re-poll of the PBA's poll!