Following the relatively sultry video that preceded it, Alela Diane's new video clip for "The Wind," a track from her latest record, Alela Diane & Wild Divine, sees the Portland singer/songwriter traversing the Forest Moon of Endor walking somewhere lush and green and probably close by. The dunes of Florence, Oregon, also make an appearance. But this is no pastoral traipse through the woods; Diane is stalked by a girl who is able to disappear and reappear and just be generally unsettling.

Diane is currently in the middle of a European tour, opening for Fleet Foxes. The video's over on Paste Magazine's slightly buggy site (no embed that I could find, unfortunately, so you'll have to deal with their slow loading times). To check it out, head on over there. UPDATE! Embedded above.

End Hits: This video is either about ghosts or a malfunctioning transporter device.