You've got a lot of things on your mind, I know! (Such as "What park can I pitch my tent in next week?") But you do NOT want to forget the funnest, most sex-tastic local porn film festival in the world, HUMP!, which is going down next week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Nov 17-19 at Cinema 21!

And just to keep your abreast of the situation, all screenings EXCEPT ONE are completely sold out! The only tickets left are for our just added 4:30 pm show on Saturday, November 19! Yes, that's a touch on the early side, but not for those of us who like a little "Afternoon Delight," do ya know what I'm sayin'? Uh-huh! Woot-woot! Yeaaaaaaaaaaah.

Anyway. Get your tickets NOW or you're gonna be one of those pathetic weepers standing outside the box office and everyone's going to laugh at you because they're mean. See you at HUMP! (sponsored by delicious Ninkasi beer and the nether-tingling She Bop!).