I know you'll be busy drinking Boat Cop cocktails at the Blogtown meet-up tonight, but thanks to an early 5:30 pm start you'll have enough time to throw two cocktails down your gullet then race to the Laurelhurst Theater for the last night of Rear Window at 7 pm. It's Alfred Hitchcock (Courtney's Fun with Anagrams: Father Cock Child), Jimmy Stewart (Smarmy Jet Wit), and Grace Kelly (Racy Leg Elk) together in a perfect film. Don't let all those blithering idiots on YouTube convince you that Disturbia is a modern and superior version of the story. PSHAW. Rear Window for the win, followed by Body Double, then the "Bart of Darkness" episode of The Simpsons. So if you don't feel up to being a voyeur at the Old Gold or you want another excuse to break out your peeping-tom binoculars, head to the Laurelhurst.