Update 10:22—Sarah Mirk here. When the news of the upcoming eviction broke in the Occupy Camp, the Venezuelan guy making a massive pot of huevos rancheros shouted, "WHOSE CAMP?" The reply came from all sides, "OUR CAMP!" "WE'RE GOING NOWHERE!" A fair number of the Occupiers seem intent on staying put, no matter what.

John Smith, who is from Jamaica and was on hashbrown duty at 10am, said he would wait and see what happened. "Sunday is a long way from here, gal," he said. "We're not worried about Sunday right now. We're being too positive and too productive right now to worry about Sunday." Smith didn't say whether he would be willing to get arrested but noted that the county jail, just across the street "doesn't have room to hold all of us."

As KGW and other TV news media attempted to do a live spot on the scene of the camp, a man wandering through shouted, "Corporate media lies!" while another ranted that the camp wouldn't be going anywhere.

Meanwhile, some protesters are making a scene in city hall, where guards are letting only media into the mayor's 10am press conference. "I'm a citizen just like you!" one man shouts at the security guards. "Fucking bullshit!"

Original post:

In his 10 am press briefing, Mayor Sam Adams announced that the city will "soon" temporarily close down Chapman and Lownsdale parks—the current home to the Occupy Portland movement. At that point, the city will enforce all rules in the parks and on sidewalks. However, the park will still be open for large organized speeches and get-togethers by the Occupiers.

So when's the temporary closure going down? At 12:01 am this Sunday, November 13, according to Mayor Adams, at which point "all persons and property will again be subject to enforcement of all laws." This enforcement also extends to the midnight curfew, and erecting structures in the park.

Also according to the Mayor, "on or after 12:02 am, by authority of the city code, the city will close Lownsdale and Chapman Squares. Portland police are carefully preparing for this closure and share my goal that it be done in an orderly and peaceful manner."

When Police Commander Reese was asked by the Mercury if tear gas would be used if necessary to disperse the Occupiers, Reese said he would not comment on future tactical plans.

More updates to come!