It was another terrific episode of American Horror Story last night—still reigning as the best show currently running on TV. In fact, I may even vote this one as the most creep-tastic yet! While it may not have had the jumps or jokes so prominently displayed in past episodes, "Piggy Piggy" was by far the most unsettling. More thoughts and spoilers from me after the jump—and please hop into the comments with your own theories and/or bad dreams caused by this episode.

POW! What? Oh great. Its not even loaded.
  • Courtesy FX
  • "POW! What? Oh great. It's not even loaded."

So here's what I'm thinking:

1) That cold opening of Tate shooting up the high school was one of the most devastating, unsettling things I've seen on TV in a long time. Even though I knew how it all ended, I felt myself hoping for something—anything—else. Nice work, AHS!

2) Speaking of Tate, someone needs to call in Bruce Willis to let the teen know he's dead.

3) I am so into Viv's demon baby, and if it doesn't turn out to be the Anti-Christ and lead the world into ruin, I'm going to be VERY DISAPPOINTED! (Hmm. That didn't come out quite the way I wanted.)

4) Since Viv kicked Ben to the curb (and out of the house), I'm really interested to see how the makers intend on getting him back inside where the action is. AND I'M SERIOUS, GUYS! THE MASTURBATING MAID NEEDS TO RETURN AND PRONTO!!

5) You know who was great? Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family was great as the Urban Legends-fearing patient. While the pay-off (final bathroom scene) was a bit of a rip-off... at least it was surprising and funny. What do you think??

6) And finally, POOR VIOLET! Not just because she's so alone and depressed that she needs to spoon a dead boyfriend, but her parents ARE THE WORST!!

7) Best line: “I hear the raw-food movement is really taking off.” (BTW, I'm afraid those were Addie's organs. Please tell me those weren't Addie's organs.)

8) Okay, your turn!

Stand back or Ill cut you! I mean, ME! I mean, YOU!
  • Courtesy Prashant Gupta/FX
  • "Stand back or I'll cut you! I mean, ME! I mean, YOU!"