Talk has been bubbling for a few hours that clergy members would come down to Chapman and Lownsdale squares, and Terry Schrunk Plaza, for Sunday morning's eviction of Occupy Portland. A while ago, the Rev. Chuck Currie and the Rev. Kate Lore, of the First Unitarian Church—which has been very sympathetic to occupiers, offering showers and meeting spaces, etc.—announced that they and seven other clergy or religious leaders would show up to keep watch on what happens Sunday morning.

It should be noted the clergy say they want to keep watch on both sides.

"Many clergy from across Oregon and the nation have supported the Occupy Wall Street movement. We commend the non-violent nature of the protests and appreciate thus far the response from Mayor Sam Adams and the Portland Police Bureau," said Lore and Currie. "At this time, however, we call on Mayor Adams and the Police Bureau to act with the utmost restraint on Saturday night. Violence of the sort seen in Oakland cannot be tolerated. We will be watching."

"We also call on the demonstrators at Occupy Oregon to remain non-violent. The issues raised by the Occupy Wall Street are important and must be heard. Violence will overshadow the message about equality that Americans must face," said Currie and Lore.

Lore and Currie are in touch with other clergy in the Metro area who have expressed support for Occupy Oregon and plan to be present throughout the night to bear witness to the events as a show of solidarity with the protestors [sic]. "Our prayers are with the protestors, the police and the mayor during this difficult moment," said Lore and Currie. "We believe the Occupy Wall Street movement to be a prophetic act that deserves support."