Yet another group sale to add to the growing pile: Radish Underground, Mabel and Zora, Frock, Modern Domestic, betsy & iya, PedX, tumbleweed, Manifesto, Porch Light, Flutter, and Eden are teaming up for Black Friday's (Nov 25) Little Boxes, offering 10% discounts to anyone who can present a receipt from one of the other retailers from the same day. You can also get raffle tickets at each location for prizes. It's nice that the participants cover many of the main shopping corridors in town collectively, but I wonder how many people will make the cross-town treks to take advantage of what's a relatively modest discount. Whatever gets people to shop locally over the big boxes is all good with me, though.


UPDATE! To clarify, there are a ton more participants than those mentioned on the original press release. Check them all out here.