From a friend who lives in Thailand, about how the flooding has raised the water level so that crocodiles are escaping from their pits and swimming around Bangkok:

These are the types of emails I get these days:

"When I asked Khun about the reports of crocodile sightings, he said that it is fairly common for chicken farms to have one or more crocodiles in a pit. Khun mentioned that chickens that can not be sold for human consumption are thrown to the crocodiles, and it is these crocodiles that, in some cases, have 'escaped' from the chicken farms."

Things are getting worse for poor people. Disease is the thing that I am worried about with so much standing water.

Looters are supposed to be going out in at night in boats and raiding abandoned houses. True or not, things are tense for the folks out of home. The supply chain is breaking down a little bit, with food and water getting a little scarce on the store shelves... I guess you are going to see a 10 percent increase in the price of hard drives in the next year as 1/3rd of the hard drive manufacturing is in Thailand.

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