• ©2010 David Bachman, courtesy of Portland Opera

In my review of the Portland Opera's production of The Marriage of Figaro, I neglected to mention anything about the City of Portland's excellent Art for All program, making productions like Mozart's farcical opera available to anyone. I'll let reader Jacob Clary explain it, as he did in this email sent to the Mercury:
Something you failed to mention in your review of The Marriage of Figaro, which pitted the bedraggled occupiers against the rich operagoers: they needn't necessarily be separate. Tickets are $5 apiece for EBT card-carriers, and two tickets can be purchased per EBT card. Last night I sat in the 3rd row of the orchestra section, a $5 ticket (actually two: my ticket and my date's were bought on her EBT card) next to $100+ seats. Not to denigrate those involved in the Occupation movement (I am one of them) but most if not all either have or know someone who has an EBT card. Might I suggest that we of the economically underserved Occupy this cheapest of cheap dates?
It's truly a remarkable program; thanks, Jacob, for reminding me. The Marriage of Figaro's final performance is tomorrow night.